Pricing & Packages

Pay As You Go

Pay for the time you use only, with no long term commitment. Typically clients use PAYG for things like:

  • Drafting employee handbooks

  • Drafting job descriptions

  • Formal HR letter writing

  • Conducting exit interviews

  • Employee Relations investigations

  • Advising on maternity leave processes

  • Family friendly policy advice

  • Hearing disciplinary and grievance cases on behalf of clients

  • Flexible working requests

  • A sounding board for advice on complex employee relations issues

brown and white analog clock at 10 10
brown and white analog clock at 10 10
Packages & Projects

Perhaps you have a more complex task that you'd like support with like recruitment, redundancy or a restructure. Something that you know will take more than a couple of hours to do.

Let's chat about your specific needs and we can put together a bespoke offering to support you.

An example of what you could choose to include in your package could be:


  • Review existing job description and make/suggest changes

  • Conduct salary benchmarking for role.

  • Create and post job advert on selected online job boards

  • Screen applications

  • Shortlist up to 5 candidates

  • Conduct first stage interview (online 30 mins max per candidate)

brown gift box with pink ribbon
brown gift box with pink ribbon
Monthly Retainers

Your outsourced remote HR team for day to day operational HR support.

A 12 month commitment to ensuring your HR needs are compliant and expertly managed.

team freestanding letters
team freestanding letters
What's Next

Contact us today and we can arrange a chat to speak about your specific needs.

**The financial investment required for any of the above plans will be provided following consultation as it takes into account your specific needs.