HR Policy

The importance of HR Policy

Having clear HR Policies encourages a culture of fairness. It allows managers and employees to know exactly where they stand, be empowered to make decisions and have somewhere to direct their team members to when they get questions.


How many days holiday am I entitled to? How do I raise a grievance? How do I ask for flexible working?

person writing on white paper
person writing on white paper
shallow focus photography of books
shallow focus photography of books

How we can help

We can review your current policies, make sure they are up to date and compliant or, if you don't have any in place or would like to start from scratch, we can write your new policies.

Examples of policies:

  • Flexible working

  • Disciplinary and Grievance

  • Performance Management

  • Parental Leave

  • Working from home

  • Absence

What's Next

Head to our Pricing and Packaging page to find out what plans we offer. Or, if you know what you are looking for, contact us today and we can arrange a chat to speak about your specific needs.